My name is NadejdaNadia nadejda karaboycheva djoukelova – means Hope from where I come from and keeps me optimistic and motivated for the future. Friends call me Nadia for short.

 I have passion for online marketing and online entrepreneurship.  Things in marketing have changed (a lot) in the past 10 years. Higher and higher number of (potential and existing) customers are spending their time online,  and businesses need to BE ONLINE, be visible, be different, and real. Connect with people. Listen carefully. Nurture. And be there for them with better products and services.

I live and breathe online, follow the digital trends and the emerging technologies news. Proficient in using,  implementing and analyzing multiple channels of social media (FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress).

I am tech savvy. I am not only using computers, smart phones, programs, applications, internet, scanners, printers, etc., I ENJOY using them. Learning to use new technology comes easy and naturally to me.

I love art, crafts, photography and challenge myself to create interesting,  pretty images, vectors, posters and INFOGRAPHICS. Yes, Infographics are so cool! They present every boring topic in a  fun, colorful, concise and easy to digest way.

I have a “can-do” attitude and work well in team and alone. I’m self-started and don’t wait for others to do the job or remind me. I have strong desire to learn new things and I am constantly seeking learning opportunities both on professional and personal levels.


Here is what the others say about me:

 “Bright. Motivated. Collaborative. Nadia is an outstanding graduate of the SCS2115 eBusiness course at the University of Toronto. She has a strategic understanding of the online environment, and is able to leverage the key trends shaping the eBusiness/eCommerce industry. Nadia will add tremendous value to any organization looking to expand its online business.”

Axel Kuhn, Instructor, University of Toronto

January 5, 2012

“Hard working, diligent, and always taking responsibility for her work, Nadia is an employee that can work well in many environments, and adapts quickly to any situation. She is able to work well alone and take initiative in her work, as well as effectively collaborate with her colleagues. Nadia was never afraid to suggest novel ways to solve our problems, and won’t hesitate to offer her assistance to others. She was an invaluable member of our company, and it was always a pleasure to work beside her.”

Ksenia Gontcharouk, Consultant, Manager, The Green Beanery

September 26, 2012


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