Certificate in eBusiness and Web Marketing

September 2011 – April 2012

Graduated with excellent grades.

Certificate E-business and web marketing from U of TSubjects and activities: Web Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce Fundamentals, E-Business Infrastructure, E-Environment, E-Business Strategy
Supply Chain Management, E-Procurement, E-Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management
Analysis and Design, Implementation and Maintenance
Plus: Develop/Practice Social Media Tools


“Bright. Motivated. Collaborative. Nadia is an outstanding graduate of the SCS2115 eBusiness course at the University of Toronto. She has a strategic understanding of the online environment, and is able to leverage the key trends shaping the eBusiness/eCommerce industry. Nadia will add tremendous value to any organization looking to expand its online business.” January 5, 2012

Axel Kuhn, Instructor, University of Toronto


University for National and World Economy – Institute for Postgraduate Studies

Diploma of Retraining in Marketing and Advertising

2000 – 2002

Graduated with excellent grades.

Subjects and activities: International Marketing, International Advertising, Marketing of Services, Advertising Research ans planning of advertising research, Consumer Behavior, Corporate Management, Foundations of Marketing, Price Policy, Distribution Policy, Business Communications, International Trade, Public Relations, Personal Sales and Sales Promotion, Civil and Commercial Law, Sponsorship, European Economic Cooperation, Legal and ethical aspects of advertising

WES evaluation available.


University for National and World Economy – Sofia

Bachelor’s Degree in Economics


Grade: Very Good

Subjects and activities: Entrepreneurship, Investment Theory and Analysis, Finance and Financial Policy, Strategic Management, International Marketing, Sales Marketing, Labor and Labor Relations, Economic and Management of the Sub Sectors, Industrial Structure Design, Control of Wages, Statistics, History of Economic Theories, Business Communications, Commercial and Agricultural Law

WES evaluation available.


YWCA Toronto Skills Development Center

Professional Office Administration

Dec 2012

Professional Office Administration CertificateSubjects and activities: Verbal Communication, Written Communications, Data Management and Record Keeping, Office Protocol and Business Etiquette, Preparing and Organizing Meetings and Travel Arrangements


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