Associate Site Merchandiserhbc_logo_2012

at Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto from August 2014 to present

  • Implementing editorial and special content setup for multiple categories.
  • Executing merchandising strategies online through custom product assortments and brand specific merchandising requests to contribute to overall business goals.
  • Review and set up linking for creative briefs.
  • Identifying process and system inefficiencies
  • Testing site content.
  • Report on editorial, section and navigation metric results.

Coordinator, eCommerce Merchandisinghbc_logo_2012

at Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto from October 2013 until  August 2014

  • Audits requisition forms and confirms all legal copy and vendor images have been received.
  • Executes all preparatory steps for monthly product releases including: uploading copy, assigning categories, size charts and sequence numbers.
  • Partners with merchandise teams to identify items that will be included in weekly POS promotions and uploads items to offer categories.
  • Re-sequences items based on seasonality, traffic patterns and selling and ensures all color names and color groups are customer friendly.
  • Tracks customer shopping patterns in Google Analytics and implements learning into merchandising decisions.

eCommerce Merchandise Associatehbc_logo_2012

at Hudson’s Bay Company, Toronto from February  2013 until  October 2013

  • Categorize merchandise attributes based on style description
  • Check-in vendor images and submit them to imaging for processing
  • Work in content management system on tasks such as re-name colors, remove items from categories, help set up categories and upload QRC codes
  • Help tag samples/gather information for on-model photo shoots
  • Swiftly respond to and correct site issues flagged from customer service team
  • Audit the website regularly and communicate any issues found

Category Manager – eCommerce

at The Green Beanery, Toronto from April 2009 until  September 2012

Sector: eCommerce, online shopping

Category, products: Green (Unroasted) and Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans

  • Managed the growth and development of Green Coffee category – achieved 30% increase in coffee sales due to strategic and well planned replenishment of the stock.
  • Increased the assortment of offered coffee with 20% to total of 115 varieties from about 40 countries, and total number of coffee SKU to 1400.
  • Ordered coffee beans from domestic suppliers and imported coffee directly from Jamaica, Hawaii, Indonesia, Yemen and Nepal.
  • Monitored and analyzed day to day inventory levels and replenishment needs.
  • Recorded and updated the quantity, type and value of stock on hand using computerized inventory system, reconciling calculated inventories with physical counts.
  • Applied changes in the coffee prices
  • Responsible for new coffee products and new vendor set-up into the replenishment system.
  • Launched new products – created product pages (content and attributes) for every new coffee product.
  • Provided guidance and support to colleagues at both stores with regards to the coffee category.
  • Managed the transfer of coffee products between the stores.
  • Managed the Small Roasteries Loyalty Program, by tracking the annual sold wholesale coffee quantities and communicating directly with wholesale customers.
  • Provided guidance and support to the customers in person and on the phone with placing and completing their online orders with focus on their needs, and many times leading to up-selling and cross-selling.

Marketing and Sales Specialist

at Assarel-Medet Jsc Panagyurishte, from 1999 until 2007 

Sector: Mining   Products: Copper cathodes, Copper Concentrate, Gold and Silver

  • Promoted sales to existing clients and identified and solicited potential clients
  • Provided clients with presentations on the benefits and uses of goods or services
  • Estimated or quoted prices, contracted terms – terms of payment, term of shipping etc.
  • Prepared or oversaw preparation of sales or other contracts, and documents like: Invoices, Certificates of Origin, Bills of Lading etc.
  • Consulted clients after sale, resolved problems and provided ongoing support
  • Reviewed and adapted to information regarding product innovations, competitors and market conditions
  • Applied price risk management; hedging – insuring profitable level of copper price for future copper production
  • Performed production hedging on London Metal Exchange – closely dealed and communicated with brokers and dealers on LME

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